Concept Weather Application

Whether is an application concept that puts an emphasis on beautiful charts and graphs for visualizing the weather. The app has a modern design that is as smooth and fluid as the weather itself.

I created motion studies to explore how different screens would interact with each other to ensure that the flow is never broken.

Three iPhone screenshots showing the Whether apps main graph view, cities view and the graph view in dark mode.
User Interface

The user interface takes inspiration from modern interactive application designs and features sliding panels. Clicking on the prominent action button slides a “locations” screen which features the apps only settings.

While I really loved the bright airy white interface, I couldn’t help but explore a stormy dark mode as well. In the end, it ended up being my favorite.

An iPad formatted screenshot showing a dark blue sidebar with icons for various locations and platters with multiple locations weather information.
iPad Layout

In exploring designs for iPad screen sizes I looked into responsive web design trends and tried to make the application feel native and related.

I took a few approaches in icon design. I started with a skeuomorphic design but found that it didn’t match the spirit of the application. From there, I transitioned to more flat and illustrative styles. Eventually ending up with an icon that I feel is friendly, pops and fits the interface design well.

The title Whether is a play on the homophone weather.

A website showing a split design, one side is blue with screenshots of the app. The other is white with the apps logo and an icon and a link to the App Store.
Concept Website Design

The Whether app website is designed to be as simple as possible. Showing a large screenshot of the app and the icon and featuring a prominent “call to action” button.

Designing apps has always been a passion of mine, it combines my love of user interface, user experience and interactivity. I hope you enjoyed this application concept.