Mansfield Mural

When the Route 106 underpass was built in Mansfield, Massachusetts it left two things. A railroad bridge and giant empty wall.

From there, a committee was formed of locals called the Mansfield Mural Project. The idea was simple, keep Mansfield beautiful. As part of this work they hired a fantastic artist to design and paint a mural that captures Mansfield’s rich history.

As the project came to a close the committee wanted an exciting way to announce the new mural. That is where I came in. I met with the head of the committee and we talked history, design and deadlines.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 6.37.24 PM

Website Design

It became pretty clear, pretty quickly that the Mural Project’s website was also going to need to be updating. And like many of the projects that I tackle, that would require a lot more than a fresh coat of paint. Their old website was a cookie cutter drag and drop template that ironically didn’t make it very easy to update.

Their new website is a modern fresh take on traditional ‘public monument’ websites. The design is bold and inviting. It is also running on the fantastic WordPress CMS meaning that the committee can easily update the website without needing any prior coding knowledge.


Mobile Site

It is also mobile responsive. Which means that people who visit the mural will be able to bring up the website on their smartphones and learn about the mural that way.


The committee put forward an idea to create an informational brochure that visitors to the mural could carry with them while visiting. As such, the brochure would talk about the different figures in the Mural, explaining how they all fit in, as well as taking a deeper dive into some of the sections.

We initially created a massive multi-panel brochure with extensive information for the launch of the Mural. However, after the initial run, it became clear that we wanted to create a smaller, more portable brochure that could be distributed en masse.

The revised panel retained a ton of information about the panel, the artist, the donors and everyone who contributed.

I am so proud to say that after the initial showing at the Mural’s unveiling,  hundreds of brochures were distributed to local businesses and sponsors in Mansfield and will be available for visitors to the Mural.


One of my favorite things that came from this project was a logo that I designed to help brand and advertise the mural. Inspired by the large ‘goose’ section of the mural, this cute, fun logo can be used on anything from t-shirts to coffee mugs. From a branding perspective, the sky is the limit.

Soon, they will also be accepting donations and selling merchandise, so stay tuned for that!

Wayside Panel – Coming Soon!

A permanent wayside panel will reside at the Mansfield Trail Station overlooking the Mural. I designed to panel to fit within the National Park Services guidelines and will give viewers an at a glance look at the history of the Mural.

The Panel currently resides in the Mansfield Town Hall and will be installed Spring 2018.


If you are interesting in the Mansfield Mural be sure to visit their new website.