John Stories

John Tschirch is an art historian and photographer who came to me to build him a site to help showcase his new book.

John has a popular ‘Design History Blog’ which is read by everyone from students to celebrities. But thus far the blog has been trapped inside of Facebook. So as an expansion of his brand, John decided to seek out a website where he could crosspost from his blog and show off the new and exciting things that he is working on.

As a designer himself, John knew exactly what he wanted from a style perspective. I worked closely with him to create the modern functional, mobile responsive website he has now.

  • Biographical Information about John.
  • Information about his novels, stories and articles.
  • Links to his photography and other writings.
  • His monthly Design History Blog.
  • A sign up for his newsletter which we set up. It runs on MailChimp and he is able to write and send emails to all of his followers as simply as typing out a document.
  • Links to contact John, through social media or email.
  • A website that runs on the robust WordPress CMS.
  • A mobile responsive website that looks and works great on both mobile phones, desktop computers and everything in between!

“…the editor has selected mine to feature. She is impressed by my whole website as well as my blog. The look and content. Thanks again!”


Visit his site!