Family Hair Connection

Family Hair Connection is a family owned, family oriented hair salon that caters to all ages.

When designing their website I worked closely with the owner to make sure that the information design was accurate, simple and inviting. We actually revamped their menu of services and created a specials section. Over the course of a couple sessions, I even took photographs of everyday operations and the people who work at the salon.

When meeting with the client for the first time, she expressed her vision for the new website. In doing so we can up with a list of features that the site would have. I am happy to say that we were able to meet each and every one of these criteria.

  • Inviting photographs of the people who work at the salon right on the homepage.
  • Directions to the salon.
  • A list services that they provide.
  • A contact form for inquires.
  • A mobile responsive website that looks and works great on both mobile phones, desktop computers and everything in between!

When it came time to design a logo I looked into old time-y barber shop designs and classic traditional typography. The pop of red will help harken to that. Another important element was the family aspect. In the combination mark logo and the image mark I brought in a new character design. I feel like the character gave the logo a friendly touch and with a simple alteration I was able to actually create a family inside of the logo.

Family Hair Connection Logo Design

Family Hair Connection Logo Design

Family Hair Connection is the kind of business I love designing for. They put the important things first and really are… a family!


Visit their site!