The Hawk Newspaper Redesign

The Hawk is the official student newspaper of Bristol Community College. For the first issue of 2020, I was charged with tackling a rebranding and new print layout.

The new design was inspired by a desire to bring the publication closer inline with the college’s official brand guidelines. I took this opportunity to incorporate necessary elements that make the newspaper more useable and friendly for readers.

It started with a new masthead and identity. I chose DIN as the typeface and the distinctive color orange directly from Bristol’s branding guideline. Then I used the opposing side to create a visual table of contents.

Aside from the fresh color pallet and updated typographic pair I also implemented a folio for consistent page design and better way finding. As well as a column based layout which can be arranged and rearranged with photos to flexibly accommodate articles of any size regardless of length or media.

I hope that The Hawk will be able to use this design for a long time and customize it to meet their needs. I am excited to see what other alumni and student designers are able to do with this foundation.

Read the February 2020 issue of The Hawk.

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