Taking Chances

Taking Chances is a game designed to encourage the player to step out of their comfort zone in small ways. Studies show that taking small risks on a day to day basis prepares us for making important decisions when we have to.

The game centers around cards that ask the player to perform an action. The action could be something like singing a song or acting out a movie scene. The more actions you preform the better you do!


I set out to design a product to help players escape their comfort zone.

I originally explored a number of formats and decided on a card game. I was inspired by party games like Cards Against Humanity and Sushi Go! I knew that their interactive and cooperative gameplay styles would fit in perfectly with my goal.

Hand drawn sketches and notes of card designs, characters and title ideas.

Character Cards

After deciding that players would act out certain actions during gameplay, I set out to create a mascot character.

52 cat characters each set up with different clothes and props.

The character would visually indicate what action a player should perform and act as a strong branding element. I chose a cat in reference of the ancient proverb, “A cats has nine lives.”

Sample Cards

In testing, most players found the illustrations to be the most endearing part of the game. The card illustrations are often referential of pop culture and have a slightly sarcastic voice.

All of the characters and forms were designed using simple geometric shapes layered in sometimes complex ways. I am able to create a limitless number of poses and actions from a single template.

As the project went on, I explored different ways of abstracting the cat form including mimicking the standard emoji design.

An Adobe Illustrator window with a cat character in front of a dragon character showing the pen tool paths.


Once the cat character was developed, I knew I wanted to use the basic form as a logo. I optimized the various strokes and shapes in order to look better at smaller and larger sizes. I also designed a logotype companion.

The Taking Chances logo. A cartoon cat face and the title at a sheared angle.
Logo and Logotype

The logotype is bold and all-caps and slanted at a precise angle. View the Branding Guidelines here.

Packaging and Cards

The Taking Chances box design is bright and colorful and features the logo, basic information and some character poses. I designed the box to stand out from common designs on hobby shop shelves. The back of the box explains how the game works to players and has a QR code to easily reach the website.

A flat representation of a box showing the front and back.

App and Mobile Experience

As part of the exploration phase of Taking Chances, I designed a mobile experience to take the game online. Users would be able to accept challenges and challenge their friends and receive digital badges for their achievements. Photo, video and geolocation would play a large role in the gameplay.

Three phone screens with different displays of the same app. The first is Android, the next two are iPhone, one with a tab bar and one without.


The Taking Chances website is a facsimile of what I imagine the real Taking Chances product website would be like. It features information about the game, a store and a social blog. Visit the Taking Chances concept website.

The Taking Chances website showing the title and a photo of people playing the game.
Taking Chances Site

Process Book

As a companion to Taking Chances, I designed a process book that goes deep into every detail of its development. Check out the process book here.