Podcats App

Podcats is an application concept that aims to make podcast listening simple and fun.

I put extra emphasis on the hierarchy of screens in the Podcats app to ensure that the user is never lost and that everything is right where you need it. Podcast clients tend to have a lot of screens. For Podcats, I designed scroll views, a podcast directory, a sliding “Now Playing” screen, settings and on-boarding experiences.

The Now Playing screen of Podcats is a sliding pane that allows listeners to always get to their audio playback controls no matter where they are in the app. Using a sliding scroll view akin to the current iOS Music app, I played on the platforms expected conventions. This format also allowed me to put the show notes and chapter markers in a spot that is easily accessible when the user needs it and gone when they don’t.

Motion Study


Once the visual design of Podcats was complete, I turned to a motion study to explore how screens would interact with each other. Using Adobe After Effects, I created a video simulation showing what it would be like to use Podcats.

Adobe XD showing 7 screenshots of the Podcats app connected with lines showing how the app flows.
Adobe XD Wireframing

The users chooses an episode, listens to it, subscribes to a podcast and more. I believe that the video is a good example of the flow that is required in an app as complicated as a podcast client.

A blue icon with radio waves and a cat silhouette. Over a black background and a white background.
Icon Design