New America

New America is a documentary photograph project that explores the political opinions of people during the 2016 Presidential Election.

In choosing subjects to photograph, I aimed to capture the thoughts of a wide range of people. These included people of different races and ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, sexualities, ages, disabilities and life experiences. Each subject was then asked the same set of questions and answered in their own words. It was important to me to try and leave out any personal bias during the questioning period.

The Book

The book, New America is a combination of photographs, interview questions and personal writing and anecdotes. I included 18 of the best interviews as well as over 50 photographs. New America is bookended with two essays that I wrote describing the political climate in 2016 and the effect that bias has on our own thoughts and opinions. The hardcover book is printed large at 13x11 on premium 140# matte finish uncoated paper.

The Film

To accompany of the release of New America, I created a short film that puts many of the interview quotes and photographs in motion. I used music, archival footage, multi-plane animation and kinetic type to bring New America to life.

The video was shown during the Self Evident Truths photo exhibition.

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Man holds a book. The cover is a photograph of a picture frame of a man in a cowboy hat and his wife. There are two funeral flags hanging off either edge.

Book Cover

A two page spread. A man is on the right side. He is standing in front of an American flag. The stripes on his shirt match the flag. On the right is paragraphs of written text.

Sample Spread

A screenshot of a website. There is a large blue video background in the center of the shot.

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