Mansfield Community Mural

The Mansfield Mural Committee was formed to oversee the design of a 462 foot mural on the Route 106 RR underpass just across from the Mansfield Train Station. As the work on the mural was coming to an end, the committee hired me to create content to help inform the public about the mural.

We started with an informational brochure. The brochure was designed to teach people about the multiple “zones” of the mural and the mural’s history. Since the mural itself was a reflection of Mansfield’s history, the brochure was treated as a historical examination of the town.

The website was designed as a multimedia extension of the brochure. It takes much of the same great content and images and makes them available on the web. Our focus with the Mural site was to create a mobile responsive-first experience so that people visiting the mural would be able to follow along on their smartphones.

In 2019, the website was redesigned to better incorporate information about thriving local businesses around the mural and in greater Mansfield. These changes include a new “Discover Mansfield” section and redesigned homepage as well as a new typography treatment.

Wayside Panel

The Mural Committee also had me design a panel that could sit in the park across from the mural. Aside from indicating the landmark, the panel would give readers an at-a-glance history of the project. The panel was designed to the National Park Service’s standard for wayside panels and complies with their typography and imagery guidelines.

The panel was completed in 2016 and is currently featured at Mansfield City Hall.

As part of designing the website, I developed a logo based off of the prominent Goose figure from the mural. This logo gives the mural a friendly personality and allows the committee to create merchandise that they can print and sell.