Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a game designed to teach players about Art History. Players take turns making their way around a game board, guessing famous artists, works or art and artistic movements. I designed Lorem Ipsum as an educational aide.

Final packaging showing a box with the various game pieces including card box, timer and instruction sheet.

The game is set up so that players with minimal art history knowledge will be able to enjoy the game as much as a more seasoned player. Additions including the game board, the timer and the ability to “steal” a question make Lorem Ipsum a fun and educational experience.

In the initial development process of Lorem Ipsum, I drew over 40 illustrations of artists and their artworks. I then laid them out as cards with titles, dates and trivia questions.

Card Design

The graphics were then printed on high quality linen finished playing cards and packed as a set. Each card is Poker sized.

40 individually designed cards each featuring a different drawing of an artist or an artwork.
Final Card Designs
Final printed cards on a black background.
Printed Cards


In developing the brand for Lorem Ipsum I looked back at the history of graphic design to reference color and typography. The cardboard texture and hand drawn style of the board, boxes and cards is meant to reference the craft history of graphic design.