Woonsocket Autism Benefit

When I found out that the Woonsocket Autism Benefit was in need of a logo in time for Rhode Island Comic-con I was excited to begin work designing a brand for an organization so deserving.

The Woonsocket Autism Benefit is an organization that, over the past 6 years has raised over $18,000 for the The Autism Project of Rhode Island.

When it came to designing the logo, there were a few requirements. The logo had to incorporate their home state of Rhode Island and a puzzle piece, the primary symbol of the National Autistic Society (going back to the 1970s). With that in mind, I designed a bold logo that could work in multiple sizes and colors and be reworked to fit multiple functions (print, web, clothing, etc.).

My goals with the symbolism and typography for this logo were to be bold, professional and inviting.

The Logo in two sizes.

You can donate to the Woonsocket Autism Benefit here.