Bristol Theatre Posters

In November 2017, Bristol Community College unveiled a newly revamped theatre program headed by Director David Ledoux.

David hired me to design a poster for their premiere show, The Gods That You Serve that captured the themes present in the show and the fresh new spirit of the program. Over a few weeks, I was able to form a concept and deliver a successful poster.

Since then, I have been asked to design posters for each season’s performance including the most recent set, An Evening with Edgar Allen Poe, Our Stories, Our Town and Canfield Drive.

My designs are conceptual, graphic and informative. Each one begins with a foundational concept, formulated by the theatre program which I then extrapolate that into a beautiful, functional piece of art.

It is magical and captures the play, it has complexity and it’s striking. Really great job. You have been great to work with! 

–David, Bristol Artistic Director

Since 2017, My designs have been used for show flyers, posters, on the web and displayed on television around the five Bristol campuses. I love seeing my designs in action and promoting such a great program!

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