Bristol Art and Design

The Bristol Community College Art and Design program wanted to embark on fundraising and an expansion of their online presence. In order to do so, they needed a brand identity and logotype.

Three orange circles with ampersands of three different typefaces.

Brand Guideline

First was a distinctive orange hue that could be constrained to a singular graphical element or used as a full-color backdrop.

Then, I chose to use the typeface Bodoni because of its reference to classic typography and Din to match the overarching Bristol Community College branding.


After the initial logo exploration we set out to develop a set of products. In order to do so, I created a number of logo variations in order to work with a variety of color options and of different size classes.

We applied the brand guideline to the Facebook page which has received hundreds of likes. On Facebook, I was able to extend the initial logo to fit a number of uses including the profile photo, cover image and as a graphical element.

A Facebook page showing the Art and Design Logo as a profile picture and cover page.
Facebook Profile


The ultimate extension of the brand is a website that prospective students can use to learn about the program and apply. The website is full responsive and features student and alumni profiles, maps, schedules and resources for current students.

In designing the website, I utilized typography that was cohesive to the branding guidelines and matched the colors to create an entire design system that is flexible and fits the content.

The website is rolling out to students now.

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