brainstorm is the smartest way to track frequent headaches and get preventative tips so that you can live a brighter day.


brainstorm is a user experience project designed around an app that allows users to catalog their headaches and migraines throughout the day. As users enter relevant data they receive helpful tips for improving and even avoiding future headaches. Throughout the process I developed 'personas' representative of the kinds of people who would use my app and designed interaction models around their needs.

Original Concept

It was really important to me that my app feel native to the platform. While still creating a simple, easy to use experience. Partially what that meant was removing as much extraneous content as possible. Buttons, labels, ornamentation, directions. If it didn't need to be there, it wasn't! This made for a faster, more clear interface that didn't challenge the user. The design is almost instinctual. Which is extremely important when the user has a distracted or diminished mental capacity.

Original Concept

I examined other means of headache tracking (websites, other apps, pen and paper) and determined what could be used and what could be improved about these solutions for my user base. There were a couple of big issues that arose pretty quickly. One was that their interfaces were clunky or unfriendly. That's not just a design critique either, it made me hesitant to give them what is essentially my medical information. The other issue was that a lot of the solutions required you to fill out complicated forms on bright white screens and I don't know about you but that's the last thing I want to do when my head is pounding.

Original Concept


Because of the serious nature of the brainstorm app it was imperative to me that I give the app a sense of warmth whenever possible. I achieved these goals through the use of a distinctive typographic system and color pallet that is both functional but friendly. This system extends to the logo which is used throughout the app.

Original Concept

Final Project

I love the way that brainstorm came out. It is both functional and friendly and really captures the experience I want my users to have when using the app. While it is just a concept at this point I would love to take it to the next level sometimes soon. I hope that brainstorm sparks your imagination as much as it did mine!

Original Concept

Design System

Color Pallet