Brainstorm is an application concept designed to help users track their headaches and migraines. Based on inputted information, the app would provide users with feedback to help minimize and prevent future occurrences.

My goal from the beginning was to create a distinctive voice for Brainstorm while maintaining a native look and feel of applications on iOS and Android. I began with a sliding card interface for showing and hiding patient records with an interactive gesture.

Hand drawn screenshots showing multiple screens off the app connected with arrows.
Concept Sketches

Through testing, I was able to develop a custom interface for indicating pain spots. Users can simply tap on the part of an interactive head to begin the process of creating a new record. Users found this method to be the most intuitive and quick as it eliminated a number of steps.

A complex web of wireframes, showing every screen in the app and how they are connected as well as watch and desktop screenshots.

Visual Design

I did extensive testing in the development of Brainstorm. Including a session at the MathWorks User Experience testing facility. My testing showed that users were less likely to trust their information on clunky, out of date apps and sites. Instead, preferring clean, friendly layouts and easy to understand workflows.

Brainstorm application screenshots. The first shows the main screen of the app where users indicate headaches. The next two allow you to choose a time for when your headache begun and ended and the last three are tips for staying hydrated and reducing stress.
Mobile Mockups

The Brainstorm design guideline prefers a dark color scheme in order to ensure that users who are experiencing light sensitivity can easily access the application and website.

Concept desktop screenshot showing a login page with a short description and a photo of happy people.
Desktop Mockup


As part of designing Brainstorm, I wanted to give the application and the website a cohesive brand. Logo exploration began with a deep dive into many forms. The ones that stood out the most were the brain, an umbrella and a lightning bolt.

Hand drawn logo sketches showing a number of black and white concepts.
Logo Thumbnails

The final logo shifts depending on the use case. For most digital applications, I have been using a simplified umbrella logo. However the head with a lightning bolt is one of my favorites.

Final logo mockups showing a person's silhouette with a brain and lightning bolt.
Logo Concepts

UX Prototyping

To experience the Brainstorm mobile application concept as an interactive prototype through Adobe XD click here.

Screenshot of the Adobe XD app with a number of screenshots from the Brainstorm app connected with lines.
Adobe XD Protoype