Boston University

Boston University is a critical source of dental and medical care for the population of Boston.

Impressions Magazine

I am the principal designer of Impressions, BU’s dental alumni magazine. The design of Impressions is ever evolving to both compliment and extend the style of the dental school. The content in Impressions is created by a talented group of writers and photographers including Shannon Broderick. I have worked on two issues per year since Spring 2019. 


BU Dental Website

Previously, I worked on the BU Dental website. A highly trafficked information resource for students, faculty, staff, patients, and the general public.

Updating and maintaining a website as large as BU Dental required studying both qualifiable and quantifiable data through user testing and analytics. Through phased rollouts we were able to update the Dental site using the data gathered as part of testing. By going section-by-section, often multiple projects at a time, we have been able to increase user engagement while simplifying the process of finding crucial information into one or two click operations. This was done in WordPress using staging sites, custom HTML and CSS code, and critical design principals.

Both the desktop and mobile experiences of the dental site were drastically improved thanks to the work of our team.

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