Bettencourt’s Garage Door

Bettencourt’s Garage Door is a family owned home repair business. Their primary business is installing a variety of garage doors and garage door covers.

I worked with the owner, Bruce to build a website that advertises their services and makes it easy for customers to get in contact. Their new site evokes a clean modern design with classical sensibilities in type and color. 

The homepage of the website showing a banner image with a work van and the website logo.

The new header prominently displays social media, phone information and call to action buttons. The large banner image acts as a site introduction and has a link to guide new customers to the contact form. From their users can read customer reviews, learn about the companies various services and watch interactive videos.

Mobile response iphone screenshots of bettencourt's website showing the homepage, videos and comments.
Mobile Responsive Website

Bettencourt’s Garage Door is a mobile responsive WordPress site, meaning that Bruce can easily update site text, links and customer reviews. It also means that we were able to implement a completely custom design, not a generic template.