Animals are friends not food.


Wise is an online learning platform concept, designed for adult students. The idea for Wise came from my time as an adult education instructor and the unique challenges that I saw GED and HiSET students face when studying online. Because of strict budgets and limited resources, adult education programs rely on online activities to supplement

The Hawk Newspaper Redesign

The Hawk is the official student newspaper of Bristol Community College. For the first issue of 2020, I was charged with tackling a rebranding and new print layout. The new design was inspired by a desire to bring the publication closer inline with the college’s official brand guidelines. I took this opportunity to incorporate necessary

Boston University

I am a web and graphic designer in the Communications department of the Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. My responsibilities include maintaining and updating our website, graphics for social media, creating print and email collateral, and event photo and videography. Publication Design I have been the principal designer of Impressions, BU’s

Bettencourt’s Garage Door

Bettencourt’s Garage Door is a family owned home repair business. Their primary business is installing a variety of garage doors and garage door covers. I worked with the owner, Bruce to build a website that advertises their services and makes it easy for customers to get in contact. Their new site evokes a clean modern


Concept Weather Application Whether is an application concept that puts an emphasis on beautiful charts and graphs for visualizing the weather. The app has a modern design that is as smooth and fluid as the weather itself. I created motion studies to explore how different screens would interact with each other to ensure that the flow is

Gods and Girls

When local architectural historian and author, John Tschirch, came to me with the idea of self publishing his new book of short stories I was excited to embark on the journey. Over the next few months we would work on editing, designing and marketing Gods and Girls and bringing it to life in print and

Bristol Theatre Posters

In November 2017, Bristol Community College unveiled a newly revamped theatre program headed by Director David Ledoux. David hired me to design a poster for their premiere show, The Gods That You Serve that captured the themes present in the show and the fresh new spirit of the program. Over a few weeks, I was

Bristol Art and Design

The Bristol Community College Art and Design program wanted to embark on fundraising and an expansion of their online presence. In order to do so, they needed a brand identity and logotype. Brand Guideline First was a distinctive orange hue that could be constrained to a singular graphical element or used as a full-color backdrop.

Technicolor Magazine

A Magazine About Identity Technicolor is a publication that centers around the theme of identity. In its various forms it is a magazine, a website and an app. I designed Technicolor to be easily expandable and customizable for a wide range of topics and mediums. The first issue contains stories that were self written as well as work

Mansfield Community Mural

The Mansfield Mural Committee was formed to oversee the design of a 462 foot mural on the Route 106 RR underpass just across from the Mansfield Train Station. As the work on the mural was coming to an end, the committee hired me to create content to help inform the public about the mural. We