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2017 Retrospective

This retrospective looks back at the best of 2017. Highlighting the music, movies, television and podcasts we enjoyed, as well as the social changes that…

Allens Pond

Allens Pond is a wildlife sanctuary spread across Dartmouth and Westport. It is part of the Massachusetts Audubon Society. I worked with the wonderful staff […]

Paper Queens

As a remembrance of the Drag Queens that helped pave the way for LGBT youth everywhere, I am happy to share eleven new Paper Queens! […]

New America

New America is a reflection of thoughts regarding the 2016 United States Presidential Election. To create these images, I interviewed a wide range of subjects […]

Batch Resize Images

Occasionally I need to quickly resize large groups of images. Instead of resizing the images one by one or creating a¬†complicated Photoshop script, I’ve set […]