Allens Pond

Allens Pond is a wildlife reserve that is maintained by the Mass Audubon Society. I worked with the wonderful staff at Allens Pond to put together a visitors guide and a wayside panel to help raise revenue and inform visitors about the organization.

Allens Pond Visitors Guide

The Allens Pond Visitors Guide is a premium experience for sponsors and visitors of Allens Pond. In designing the Visitors Guide, I worked with Mass Audubon to create a beautiful informative book that can be given to sponsors or sold to raise funds.

In creating the Visitors Guide, I walked the entirety of the trail system and photographed some of the natural beauty that I witnessed. These photographs were then laid out on glossy 140# Pearl finished paper with information about each trail written by the Allens Pond staff. The paper has a luxurious feel that conveys the premium quality of the book.

A book spread. On the left a full bleed image shows a purple flower. On the right, it reads, "Endangered Wildlife."

I noticed while working on the Visitors Guide that there weren’t may up to date maps of the Allens Pond trail system. So I designed a new map with up to date trails and more clear wayfinding indicators. Working from my own experience I knew that some of the trails were unmarked and therefore would need extra attention in the map. I included a copy of the map in the book and gave Allens Ponds’ staff a copy.

Wayside Panel

Mass Audubon explained that they were looking for a way to inform visitors about the 2003 oil spill that occurred around Allens Pond. They were hoping to document the recovery efforts and bring light to the wonderful volunteers who helped clean up after the crisis.

A concept rendering of the wayside panel. It is transparent and shows a beach scene through a frosted background.
Wayside Panel Concept

After visiting the crystal clear beaches of Allens Pond, I decided to design a wayside panel that wouldn’t contribute to visual ‘pollution’. To achieve this, I conceived of semi transparent panel that could overlay the natural features of Martha’s Vineyard. Viewers could easily read the panel while taking in the beautiful view.

Working with the team at Allens Pond, we wrote a timeline documenting the initial oil spill all the way up to the recovery and restoration efforts. I also included statistics to help indicate just how expansive the spill was. Then I designed a map of Martha’s Vineyard that visually displayed the spill. 

The Visitors Guide and Wayside Panel were put on display at a show for Allens Pond’s contributors. After which, I donated both pieces to the wonderful team at Mass Audubon.