Hi, my name is Andrew Adamides. I am a graphic designer from New Bedford, Massachusetts. I love designing things that people interact with. I work in print and on the web. For more information or to get in touch, send me an email. I'd love to hear from you!


Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Mockup of Panel

I worked with the wonderful staff of Allens Pond to put together a visitors guide and a wayside panel to help inform visitors and raise revenue for the organization.

Visitors Guide

The Allens Pond Visitors Guide is a book of photographs accompanied by information regarding each trail in the system. I worked with Lauren from the Audubon Society for text content and photographed the trails myself. In the process of making this book, I walked the entirety of the extensive trail system.

In addition to information about each trail I also included a custom map, an advertisement for the annual Duck Derby and a section about the endangered wildlife that make their homes at Allens Pond.

Wayside Panel

Allens Pond requested that I create a wayside panel that could teach visitors about the 2003 Bouchard oil spill and the efforts made in recovering the wildlife sanctuary.

One of the cornerstones of my concept was a panel that did not contribute to “visual pollution”. To deliver that, I decided that the panel should be transparent. The goal is that people will be able to look at the panel and clearly see through it to the gorgeous landscape of Buzzards Bay.

New America

New America

New America

New America is a reflection of thoughts regarding the 2016 United States Presidential Election.

To create these images, I interviewed a wide range of subjects to capture their feelings at a pivotal period in the countries history. Each person I interviewed was given the same questions. How they chose to answer was completely up to them.

The New America book is a hardcover collection of photographs and interview responses. Each spread is a quote that has been hand paired with a photograph. When viewed together they complement each other.

To accompany the book, I created a short film that utilizes archival footage, multi-plane animation and kinetic type.

Visit the New America site for more photos, responses and links to the film and book!

New America was featured in the Self Evident Truths photo exhibition. Read about it here.

Taking Chances

Taking Chances

Card Design

If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? Everyone has things they don’t like about themselves, things they could improve. For me, I always strive for the same thing. I want to embrace change and take more opportunities.

This driving factor is why I designed Taking Chances. A card game that encourages players to take risks. Safe risks mind you– small things here and there. For example, you might get the right card and decide to sing a song in public or act out an improvisational scene.

Concept & Design

Since this concept is so performative I realized I needed to demonstrate the required action of each card through graphics. To accomplish this, I created an original character and dozens of potential scenarios, some were completely original and others referenced pop-culture.

Studies have shown that taking small risks every day can actually improve our ability to make smarter decisions when it really matters.

Family Hair Connection

Family Hair Connection


Family Hair Connection is a family owned, family oriented hair salon that caters to all ages.

When designing their website I worked closely with the owner to make sure that the information design was accurate, simple and inviting. We actually revamped their menu of services and created a specials section. Over the course of a couple sessions, I even took photographs of everyday operations and the people who work at the salon.

When it came time to design a logo I looked into old timey barber shop designs and classic traditional typography. The pop of red will help harken to that. Another important element was the family aspect. In the combination mark logo and the image mark I brought in a new character design. I feel like the character gave the logo a friendly touch and with a simple alteration I was able to actually create a family inside of the logo.

Visit their site!

Mansfield Mural

Mansfield Mural

Brochure Design

Wayside Panel

The Mansfield Mural Committee hired me to promote their new highway mural and to give back to the sponsors of the project.

Mural Website

Their Mansfield Mural Project's website is a modern fresh take on traditional ‘public monument’ websites. The design is bold and inviting. It is also running on the fantastic WordPress CMS meaning that the committee can easily update the website without needing any prior coding knowledge. It is fully mobile responsive. Which means that people who visit the mural will be able to bring up the website on their smartphones and learn about the mural that way.

If you are interesting in the Mansfield Mural be sure to visit their new website.


The committee put forward an idea to create an informational brochure that visitors to the mural could carry with them while visiting. The finished brochure highlights a ton of information about the panel, the artist, the donors and everyone who contributed. I am so proud to say that after the initial showing at the Mural’s unveiling, hundreds of brochures were distributed to local businesses and sponsors in Mansfield and will be available for visitors to the Mural.

Wayside Panel – Coming Soon!

A permanent wayside panel will reside at the Mansfield Trail Station overlooking the Mural. I designed to panel to fit within the National Park Services guidelines and will give viewers an at a glance look at the history of the Mural. The Panel currently resides in the Mansfield Town Hall and will be installed Spring 2018.



UX Demonstration

BrainStorm is a user experience design project centered around an app and web experience that allows users to catalog their headaches and migraines throughout the day.

As users enter relevant data they receive helpful tips for improving and even completely avoiding future headaches. Throughout the process I developed ‘personas’ representative of the kinds of people who would use my app and designed interaction models around their specific needs.

I examined other means of headache tracking (websites, other apps, pen and paper) and determined what could be used and what could be improved about these solutions for my user base. There were a couple of big issues that arose pretty quickly. One was that their interfaces were clunky or unfriendly. That’s not just a design critique either, it made me hesitant to give them what is essentially my medical information. The other issue was that a lot of the solutions required you to fill out complicated forms on bright white screens and I don’t know about you but that’s the last thing I want to do when my head is pounding.